CES Services

Registration Division Services

  1. Registration of Students.
  2. Service for processing requests for students and faculty.
  3. Education requirements.
  4. Studies on recording and processing.
  5. The Service for Educational Documents
  6. Graduation and degree-related work services include checking answer sheets, assigning grades, and analyzing exams.
  7. Analysis and processing of educational statistical data.

General Administration Division Services

  1. Services for general management and coordination.
  2. Administrative and correspondence services.
  3. Human Resources Services.
  4. Service for meeting schedules.
  5. Institutional budgeting, financial, and accounting services.
  6. Reporting of the operational results and follow-up services.
  7. Locations and service providers.
  8. Service at the NIETS network center.
  9. Services to assist with the planning and execution of external examinations. 

Education and Examination Division Services

Internal Use Services

  1. Service for Midterm/Final Exams.
  2. Room booking service in relation to teaching activities.
  3. CEFR English Proficiency Exam Service.
  4. Service for storing and destroying completed school exams.
  5. Providing new students with a basic comprehension test.
  6. Services that provide educational information, such as course descriptions, registration information, etc.
  7. Providing a ZOOM code for educational and other purposes.
  8. Service for scheduling classes, including general education, basic science, and first-year student courses.
  9. Classroom assistance services at all educational levels for instructional strategies.
  10. Service for the duration of the students’ time and the class or exam schedules.
  11. The service that prepares the academic calendar for the year.

External Use Services

  1. Available for the WUTEP, English Proficiency Test, and regional examination services.
  2. Booking a room and using a facility service.
  3. Service for CEFR English Proficiency Exams.
  4. Information on courses offered, educational information service. Information on student registration, etc.

System Analysis and Information System Division

  1. System development and innovation
  2. Educational information service

Admission Division Services

  1. Admission service for students.
  2. A guidance service for higher education studies.
  3. Service for student admission statistics.
  4. Public relations for student admissions.
  5. Service to promote student admissions.