Visions and Missions Statement

Philosophy, determination, vision, mission, objectives, and plans are all vital components.


In terms of student registration and admissions, the Center for Educational Services is a trailblazer


The Center for Educational Services has a working philosophy to achieve the aim, which comprises working attentively and willingly on each task that is served with mindfulness and intellectual hospitality by enhancing the work system with proper innovation and technology.


While building a global reputation, the Center for Educational Services is committed to providing high-quality, efficient, accurate, and prompt service.


A one-year planning vision
The Center for Educational Services is committed to providing tools and modern technologies that help develop successful work systems, as well as moving the linking mechanism forward to serve a wide range of users in accordance with the goals and objectives that necessitate missions both within and outside the entity.

A five-year planning vision
The Center for Educational Services is a unit ready to put the goals into action in the most efficient way possible by applying creative techniques to respond to the development of an excellent service system by focusing on service recipients.


  1. Create a schedule that is related to the goals of the Center for Educational Services, keeping in mind that effective defense and preventive actions are required.
  2. Applying information techniques to maximize the quality and efficiency of student databases.
  3. Offering services with the intention of boosting customer satisfaction and impression.
  4. Plan a resource management to produce the most cost-effective and valuable service possible.
  5. Using expertise management concepts as a basis, train the organization’s workforce to achieve their full potential in both knowledge and service.


  1. Construct a system that runs in accordance with the main purpose in order to succeed in meeting the needs of service consumers with modern technological advancements supervised by service-oriented and progressive staff.
  2. Manage the evaluation of entering students’ educational credentials, admissions, new student registration, and the qualifications of previously graduated students.
  3. Preparation of teaching and exam timetables.
  4. Manage class registration, additions, withdrawals, and changes.
  5. Manage registration, including course transfers and vacation/maintenance course transfers.
  6. Make plans for midterm, final, annual, and end-of-semester examinations.
  7. Support teaching and learning services for students and teachers, such as classroom booking and educational information services to both internal and external departments.
  8. Service for multiple-choice (MCQ) exams and score preparation.
  9. Analyzing data, processing education, and determining student status are all responsibilities.
  10. 10. Serving graduate students at the research grant category for thesis and resources.
  11. Conduct the graduation procedures and prepare a diploma.
  12. 12. Support the efficiency of staff operations.
  13. 13. In order to improve the efficiency of the service system, it is essential to perform and inspect all processes and procedures of the organization in the best possible way.

The slogan of the organization

Service excellence with an emphasis on improving.